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Grow Your Brand With Amerimarcas

Building New Product Listings

Creating new listings from scratch on Amazon and other platforms can be a time consuming endeavor, as well as a boring and draining process. Our team has been building profitable listings for years, and we are more than willing to help you list products that are not currently being offered on online platforms.

The Elements of A Good Product Listing

  • Product title: Has to be descriptive and include important keywords. 3 to 5 keywords in each title is a must. The title is the first impression that you make with each buyer. Therefore, we do need to make sure it is outstanding.

  • Images: Are you using all image slots that the marketplace allows you? Are they on white background and have high resolution? We have a photo studio in our warehouse and we are happy to assist you in taking new/additional photos if needed.

  • Bullet points: Amazon allows you to have up to 5 bullet points in each listing. These can be a paragraph long each and should include the BENEFITS that the customer gets out of the product, rather than just listing the features. This information has to be product specific and cannot include seller-specific information like shipping time or sales promotions.

  • Description: This long section is perfect to introduce the product specifics and other secondary details. The general rule is to try to take up all the “real estate” that Amazon and other platform offer you. We can help you build on your current description to increase your page conversion rate.

Cross-Listing To International Marketplaces

We also offer to list your products on international marketplaces and to do your fulfillment for you. Please read this article for more information.

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