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Grow Your Brand With Amerimarcas
Sustainable Total Theme Case Study

Pay-Per-Click Ads

By the end of 2020, it is estimated that 1 in 10 digital ad dollars will go to Amazon. Most serious sellers are turning on paid ads on order to sell their products. We run PPC ads on all our…

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Competitor Analysis

It is important to stay on top of what other businesses in your industry are up to. We can provide you with a periodical report that includes answers to questions such as: Which are the best-selling products your competitor offers…

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The Importance of Listing Optimization

Having your products appear high in the search term results on Amazon, eBay and other platforms is vital in order to capture a slice of the market share. Over 100 million American households have Prime, but what does that matter…

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Building New Product Listings

Creating new listings from scratch on Amazon and other platforms can be a time consuming endeavor, as well as a boring and draining process. Our team has been building profitable listings for years, and we are more than willing to…

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International Expansion

It is now possible to cross-list your products on different marketplaces. This creates an extra revenue stream for your business, and can make your company more diversified. Additionally, foreign marketplaces are generally less saturated than the American platforms. Less competition…

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MAP Enforcement

A big issue for brands is that resellers often not abide by contractual agreements for the minimum advertised price (MAP) for the products. This can both devalue the image of a brand, as well as making it less profitable for…

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